KC4RCR holds an EXTRA CLASS amateur radio license

On-Air: Net Control, Eastern Panhandle Traffic Net (Wednesdays and Fill-In)


Degree: Computer Science, Minors: Math, Economics (University of Puget Sound)

Degree: Automotive Technology (Northern Virginia Community College)

Degree: Automotive Technology, Emissions Specialization (Northern Virginia Community College)

Certificates: Automotive Repair, Emissions Repair Technician (Northern Virginia Community College)

Additional Bachelor and Graduate Work: Economics (George Mason University)


Starting something major later in life is not always the easiest thing to do for many people. Years of hard work paid off when I was finally able to say I lifted a “quarter ton” (aka 500 lbs). My last competition pictured below was before the whole Coronavirus disaster. I hope to occasionally compete again soon but in the mean time, self competition is a great motivator.

Powerlifting Competitor – Masters 1 (40-49 age class)
227.5 kg (~501 lb) competition deadlift – 2015

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